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Whether you're looking for the simplicity and warmth of the Beni Ourain carpets or for the Boucherouite rug's colorful and eclectic touch, you will be spellbound by our exotic collection of handmade Moroccan carpets, curated for the well-traveled soul.

Coming to you from the land of contrast and natural diversity, Moroccan Berber rugs are a true testament of the local artistic heritage; combining timeless beauty and impeccable handmade quality with freedom of expression and positive environmental impact.

I spent the last year enthusiastically collecting remarkable handmade rugs and working closely with Berber women of the Atlas Mountains in an ongoing journey of tremendous learning, female empowerment and mighty co-creation.

Custom Rugs

If you don’t see your desired size or color, I will be delighted to have it custom-made for you. Choose your favorite Beni Ourain rug from our collection of over a hundred different designs and let me know the dimensions you request. If you wish to have a rug with a completely different design other than the ones I carry, please get in touch with me and together with our extremely talented weavers, we will make your dream come true.

Handmade Berber Rugs Backstory

Moroccan Berber rugs are one of the most sought after and praised handmade rugs in the market, they’re a fantastic way to invite warmth and create a charming and multicultural atmosphere in your home. Berber rugs have broadly been connected to the west and examples of this can be traced back to the Bauhaus movement during the 1960s, where renowned Architects and designers adopted handmade Moroccan rugs as a counterpoint to offset their interiors.

Berber rugs’ lively textures and intricate patterns complimented the sleek designs of the Bauhaus and Mid-Century Modern designers, giving rise to their popularity. Berber Moroccan rugs are featured prominently in the iconic designs of Le Corbusier as well as in those of the Frank Lloyd Wright. The mixture of Berber tribal rug designs underneath one of Le Corbusier’s contemporary leather and chrome furnitures made for a surprisingly seductive and well-matched combination.

Born out of an expressive and creative culture, the Moroccan Berber rug captures the essence of color, tradition, texture and abstract movement. Generations of Berber weavers have created these ceremonial and eye catching rugs using a double knot technique and 100% virgin wool. By introducing geometric motifs and patterns, each design was created as a means of personal expression and communication, an individual extension that matches the current state of mind of the weaver.

The primitive symbolism and arithmetic patterns of Berber Moroccan rugs lend an urban and sophisticated look to most interior moods; this in turn explains the Beni Ouarain rug revival in the late 1990s as consumers around the world showed a nostalgic interest for home decor elements from previous decades with an authentic and indigenous character.

Part of their appeal to the interior design professionals was the cultural imprint and ideal imperfections of each rug as they fit marvelously with contemporary furniture. The Berber Moroccan rug’s unique weaving process has proven its lasting power in the interior design scene.

In recent years, consumers naturally gravitated towards handcrafted furniture of tribal origin, I suppose there is a yearning for simpler times before all the current technologies and fast productions took over. Berber rugs are celebrated for their earthiness and bold character; they have become a staple in modern interior design.

Today, the lively motifs are a fitting accent to modern and eclectic interiors that value randomness and imperfections; they embody the relaxed and laid back vibes of simple living that make Modern Boho interiors so appealing.

Whether you lean towards the vibrancy of the Boucherouite rug (the one of a kind product with the highest recycling ethics) or the Bohemian feel of the Beni Ourain rugs, let yourself be transported through time and discover hundreds of available Moroccan Berber rugs for sale to find the one that tells your story.