Moroccan Berber rugs in Modern day interiors

Why buy a handmade Moroccan rug?

  Berber rugs originated in the Atlas mountains and the plains around Marrakech but their roots are said to date back to the Bronze age. These handcrafted treasures carry an ancestral lineage filled with symbolism that share astonishing similarities with cave art in Europe and much to my surprise with Andean textile art as well. Tribal art from parts of the Sacred Valley and the city of Cusco in Peru display a deeply embedded symbolic nature that bares an immense resemblance to Berber primitive patterns seen in textiles and wood carvings from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  These "soul connections" that defy the laws of time and geography could possibly be explained as the physical manifestation of the unifying threads...

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Berber Rugs – Behind the timeless vibe

It is no secret that Moroccan rugs have a vast and international audience in the home decor scene. It is the impeccable quality and diverse selections that make Moroccan rugs a whimsical piece of furniture with endless possibilities. Seeing how Berber rugs are quite famous for their bold geometric patterns & dynamic colored designs, this opened the door for Moroccan Berber rugs to become one of the firm leaders in the handcrafted sector and to be recognized as one of the most sought after home decor objects. Origin of Moroccan Rugs – A Brief History The history of the Moroccan carpet goes all the way back to the Paleolithic Era. It is an ancient technique handcrafted by Berber women who were...

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The Berber Moroccan Rug – More Than a Home Decor Trend

In the cosmic world of Moroccan artisans, the objects they handcraft are always imbued with deep meaning and symbolic value. They are the socio-cultural relics of a people who communicate primarily through art using a language based on the key elements of abundance, fertility, self preservation and faith in the unknown. The Berber Moroccan rug is a living tradition that is deeply inspired and influenced by centuries of history and cultural heritage, they rank possibly amongst the most varied handicrafts found on earth, proof of this stems from the growing network of consumers and exporters who each year exhibit the creativity of Moroccan artisans in markets and furniture fairs all over the globe. Unlike most other art forms practiced in...

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