Beni Ourain rug DALEELAH
Hand knotted beni Ourain rug DALEELAH
Moroccan rug DALEELAH
high pile Moroccan rug DALEELAH
Berber Moroccan rug DALEELAH

Beni Ourain rug DALEELAH

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The Berbers have historically used Beni Ourain rugs for practical purposes, such as mats to sleep on and coverings to put on their beds and not merely as decorative objects, which goes a long way in explaining their simplicity and minimalism expressed with distinctive designs, ranging from ordered geometric shapes to more free-form and spontaneous patterns.

Those attributes allow Beni Ourain rugs to blend perfectly with every atmosphere; from Bauhaus to Memphis to Scandinavian interiors, the love story with Moroccan rugs seems to attract more new comers as the historical value is what makes these pieces truly exciting and connects different cultures to a common root.

Size: 200x283 cm or 6.5’ by 9.3’
Origin: The Atlas Mountains of Morocco
Color: Ivory and Black, please see close up pictures
Material: 100% Sheep Wool
Condition: Brand New
State: This rug is brand new, clean and smells like lavender
Care: This rug will be shipped with a card highlighting all the cleaning and maintenance instructions. 

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