Beni Ourain rug HORIYA
Hand knotted beni Ourain rug HORIYA
Beni Ourain rug HORIYA 5.6’ by 8.3’
Berber rug HORIYA
high pile Moroccan rug HORIYA
Moroccan Berber rug HORIYA
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Beni Ourain rug HORIYA with Finest quality handspun wool

Beni Ourain rug HORIYA

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A holistic mix of modern and ethnic vibes, Beni Ourain rugs lend a noticeably stylish look to your home design. Warm and distinguished, they can simply cheer up any space and make it look trendy and luxurious. Moroccan rugs are visually striking, culturally rich, and vibrant with interesting motifs, making them a perfect flooring accessory for your living room or bedroom.

Made from organic wool and hand knotted following ancient traditions, carrying the proud tribal heritage of Berber people, This piece of art is an eye-catching decor statement that will embellish your space and contribute to its modern etiquette.

Size: 172x254 cm or 5.6’ by 8.3’
Origin: The Atlas Mountains of Morocco
Color: Ivory and Black, please see close up pictures
Material: 100% Sheep Wool
Condition: Brand New
State: This rug is brand new, clean and smells like lavender
Care: The rug will be shipped with a card highlighting all the cleaning and maintenance instructions. 

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