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The weaver is considered a storyteller who narrates current and sometimes past events about herself and the community life within her tribe.

The rug acquires a historical dimension that elevates it from a mere decorative object to an ancestral library of recorded events, habits and traditions. The combination of magic symbolism and primitive geometry give the Beni Ourain rugs their mystical appeal.

I have shipped Moroccan rugs to big cities like London and New York but also to less metropolitan areas and small little towns; and I am mostly amazed when I get customers feedback and realize that although we're all from different parts of the world, the essence of art and creativity will always unite us. 

Size: 222x325 cm or 7.3’ by 10.6’
Origin: The Atlas Mountains of Morocco
Color: Ivory and Black, please see close up pictures
Material: 100% Sheep Wool
Condition: Vintage
State: This rug is in great condition, it is clean and smells like lavender
Care: The rug will be shipped with a card highlighting all the cleaning and maintenance instructions.

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